TRE Environmental Strategies LLC provides high quality consulting and testing services, focusing on environmental toxicology, ecological research and compliance toxicity testing

TRE Environmental StrategiesTRE Environmental Strategies

The breadth of experience provided by TRE Environmental Strategies includes whole effluent toxicity (WET) testing, toxicity identification/reduction evaluations (TIE/TRE), water quality criteria development, water-effect ratio (WER) studies, soil/sediment testing, complex and innovative research investigations, sample collection, aquatic community assessment and other areas.

TRE’s goal is to provide accurate, scientifically-defensible data for the benefit of our clients.

TRE Environmental Consulting

Located on the Front Range of Colorado, TRE Environmental Strategies is an environmental consulting firm providing high quality laboratory and field services in the areas of environmental toxicology, aquatic biology, ecology and water resource assessment.  With a combined experience level of over 70 years, our team of degreed scientists and seasoned technicians offers expertise in testing, sample collection and quantitative assessment that delivers accurate data and statistical interpretation. This provides critical information to address regulatory requirements and challenging environmental opportunities encountered by TRE clients.

TRE studies are conducted according to a highly effective QA/QC program that has evolved over 30 years of operations.  The TRE Environmental Toxicology Laboratory is accredited by NELAC and many individual states. This results in a reliable program that benefits all TRE clients.  Our primary objectives are to provide accurate, reliable data to our clients and consulting support services in the analysis and interpretation of information that can be utilized to make sound, cost-effective decisions.

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TRE is accredited for whole sediment toxicity testing.