Consulting Services

Developing a thorough understanding of the issues associated with the presence of contaminants in the environment can be a complex process requiring the integration of numerous elements. These may include laboratory or in situ toxicity tests, ecological community studies, environmental chemistry data, fate and effects assessments and/or process engineering evaluations. TRE Environmental Strategies supports clients by gathering, analyzing, interpreting and presenting data to internal parties as well as external interests. For various projects, TRE scientists have:

  • Prepared study plans and technical work scopes for a variety of projects extending from Bolivia to Alaska
  • Developed Toxicity Reduction Evaluation plansĀ  that incorporate treatment system reviews, field assessment and laboratory Toxicity Identification Evaluations
  • Developed site-specific Standard Operating Procedures for collection of aquatic and terrestrial field data to evaluate historical and catastrophic release of petroleum, metals and chemical contaminants into the environment
  • Managed environmental sample collection and analysis at contract laboratories
  • Managed long-term storage of environmental samples collected in response to major environmental releases of petroleum and petroleum products