Field Services

TRE Environmental provides a variety of field services for our clients to address an array of concerns or requirements. We recognize that a comprehensive and thorough understanding of potential impacts to aquatic and riparian ecosystems sometimes requires the collection of field information independent of, or often supplemental to, laboratory-derived data.  TRE staff are experienced in gathering in situ chemical and physical data (e.g., pH, dissolved oxygen, specific conductance, turbidity, Secchi depth, discharge) as well as key biological parameters (density and diversity of benthic macroinvertebrates, fish, zooplankton, phytoplankton and periphyton communities). By evaluating multiple metrics and considering temporal and spatial fluctuations, TRE scientists assist clients in building a robust picture of actual site conditions that can aid in developing effective corrective and remedial alternatives.  Examples of TRE field projects include:

  • Long-term chemical and biological monitoring of artificial wetlands for the treatment of historical mine tailings and waste
  • Environmental audit of ecological resources in a large river system following a pipeline break and oil spill in Bolivia
  • Rapid response to train derailments and pipeline breaks in several states that had resulted in the leakage of oil, gasoline and diesel fuel onto land and water
  • Long-term monitoring of periphyton diversity and density in a Rocky Mountain river receiving produced water from coal-bed natural gas production operations
  • Assessment of fish and benthic communities in a small western stream receiving coal-mine discharge that did not meet permit-specific WET limits